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2019 Ocean Racing Masters World Championships Team

Selection Criteria

Criteria Approved: 15/01/2019

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Selection Classes

The classes have not been set yet

Team Official Nominations

Nominations Close: 09/12/2018

Team official nominations
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Selected Athletes

Mark AndersonNew South Wales
Kate AtkinsonWestern Australia
Madeline BaxterWestern Australia
Dean BeamentWestern Australia
Kim BinghamWestern Australia
Robert BirdNew South Wales
Todd BorelandNew South Wales
Graeme BorthwickNew South Wales
Amanda BowmanWestern Australia
Brian BurgessWestern Australia
Keithley BurnNew South Wales
Aimee ChristieWestern Australia
Ron ClarkeWestern Australia
Mitchell CoffeyNew South Wales
Tim Cornish
Greg Doupe
Travis EnglandWestern Australia
Sandra GadsbyTasmania
Tricia Gilbert *declined place on teamWestern Australia
Rozanne GreenNew South Wales
Bradley HaganQueensland
Kylie Hirst
Sue Hobbs *declined place on teamNew South Wales
Tim HookinsNew South Wales
Robert JenkinsonWestern Australia
Julie JenkinsonWestern Australia
David JepsenNew South Wales
Samantha JohnsonNew South Wales
Stephen JohnsonNew South Wales
David KnightQueensland
Amanda Lee *declined place on team
William LeeWestern Australia
Leanne LewisWestern Australia
Alexandra Lloyd
Michael McKeoghNew South Wales
Dee McWhirterNew South Wales
Kristina Meskauskaite *declined place on teamSouth Australia
Norman MillerWestern Australia
David NortonWestern Australia
Rozetta PayneNew South Wales
John Prince *declined place on teamQueensland
Wendy ReyntjesOther
Suzie Rhydderch *declined place on teamNew South Wales
Clint RobinsonQueensland
Quona Ross Atkinson
Tom SimmatNew South Wales
Dane SlossQueensland
Warren SouthwellWestern Australia
Stuart TennantWestern Australia
Fiona Tschaut
tracy wilsonNew South Wales